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Vulture’s Map of the Comedy Zeitgeist

It’s all connected.

If you’ve ever wondered how my brain works, or how I see the world, this is a good example. Thanks, Vulture!


Elevated Gallery / Powerless Structures (2001) by Elmgreen and Dragset

530 x 575 x 340 cm

Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen

Christian Annyas does a cool breakdown of hand-lettered logos from old department stores, back when heavyweight sans-serif branding wasn’t mandatory. A provocative collection of specimens.

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Yay!!! #SNL 

Couldn’t find this animated anywhere, but it’ll do for now. “Yaaaaaaay!”



Couldn’t find this animated anywhere, but it’ll do for now. “Yaaaaaaay!”


Fall TV 2012: A Look At ABC
“Every year, the five major broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, The CW, FOX and NBC) order pilots to be considered for the fall season. A pilot, as you may know, is the first episode of a TV series and the final step in a long development process from idea to screen. From the 87 drama and comedy pilots ordered this year, a new crop of television shows will be selected — and this year at ABC, where the schedule tends to typically skew towards soaps or family programming, it looks as though they want to expand into the kind of show that might be at home on a more action-oriented network like Fox.”

Garrett knows his ABC’s. A fantastic read.

Not me. Not yet, anyway.

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Whose Line Is It Anyway: Josie Lawrence improvises two songs in the style of Sondheim.

(It should be obvious before you hit play that this is from the British version of the show. I can’t imagine American audiences getting the joke.)

I grew up loving Whose Line Is It Anyway, Josie in particular. It takes a rapier wit to make a hat where there wasn’t a hat, like, 20 seconds ago. Bravo.


Graphic/Logo Design Inspiration

Different logo concepts, designed by Paul Lee for Centric Identity.

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